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Emotional Support Animal Letter for Travel

Emotional Support Animal Letter for Apartments

My Therapy Pet letters provide you with everything you need to ensure you have the emotional support  animal documentation that you need to travel. We know how hard it is when you don't have the support you need. Our therapists screen, assess and reach out to you to provide the required documentation necessary to board a plane with your emotional support animal. We also provide documentation of your animal as an Emotional Support Animal which you can provide to your landlord or at a hotel or motel in order to be able to reside with your animal.

Read about the ADA and your legal right to an Emotional Support Animal by clicking here.

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Emotional Support Animal Letter

You Need A Letter from A Psychotherapist to Present to Your Airline for Travel with Your Pet. You May Need One to Allow Your ESA to Reside With You as Well.

Psychotherapists have known about the positive mood and mental health related effects of being connected with an animal. 

Did you know that difference between an Emotional Support Animal and a Pet is as simple as their benefit to your emotional health and a letter from a Therapist? 

Read about some of the benefits of an Emotional Support Animal by clicking here.

You may have been receiving emotional support from your animal all along, but don't have the documentation you need to travel with them. That's where we come in.

Emotional Support Animal Letter for Apartments

Yes, you can live with your pet even if your landlord has a "no pets" policy!

You can keep your Emotional Support Animal in your apartment regardless of when you get them and regardless of your landlords no pet policy!

Click Here to read about your Housing Rights.

There are two simple requirements for you to be able to do this:

  • Provide an Emotional Support Letter from a Therapist.

  • If your landlord gives you additional documentation to be completed, have the therapist or your medical doctor complete the additional documentation. 


 Our Pricing and Process

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We work to provide a rapid response to you and your need for Emotional Support Animal Documentation. Within 24 hours or less you will receive a response from one of our therapists! It may even be just a couple of hours. We recommend that you reach out to us via email at MyTherapyPet@gmail.com well before your planned travel. Most airlines request that you contact them and provide the letter and information to them well before planned travel.  Your animal must be small enough to sit at your feet (without blocking the aisle) or on your lap for the length of the flight. 

  •  Expedite Your Request for an ESA letter by clicking here 

  • Email us your request and specify, do you need an Emotional Support Animal Letter for Travel of for Housing?

  • Respond to our request for all additional information.

  • Make payment via the link sent to you. Cost is $79 for one letter (either Emotional Support Animal Letter for Travel or Housing), or $149 for two (both Emotional Support Animal letter for Travel and Housing). 

Emotional Support Animal Letter For Travel

How can I travel with my ESA?

Emotional Support Animals reduce stress, improve mood, decrease loneliness and isolation, decrease symptoms of mental and emotional health challenges and make it possible for people with an emotional or mental health issue to live fuller lives!

Federal Law requires Airlines to allow you to travel with your ESA when you meet certain conditions. Learn more about that by clicking here


Do You Qualify For An Emotional Support Animal? 

You Qualify for an Emotional Service Animal if you suffer from any of the following:

  • Anxiety (both adult and children)

  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

  • Depression

  • Social Phobia

  • Bipolar Disorder

  • Phobias

  • Even if you have not been formally diagnosed, we can work with you to assess and make this recommendation.

  • Click here for QUICK-SCREENING 

Airline Rules and Requirements

Click On Your Airline Below For Their Specific Information. Be Sure To Also Contact Them To Ensure No Recent Changes Apply.


Our psychotherapists are fully trained and licensed. We look forward to getting you the support you need.

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